Who is Puddingtane?

Ask me again I'll tell you the same....

What do we do

Puddingtane Book Promotions takes all the heady concepts of marketing and translates them into language everyday people can understand. But not just any people, Puddingtane has a special place in their heart for authors.

“Demystifying Author Marketing” isn’t just a tagline, it’s Puddingtane’s mission.

You see, authors are under all sorts of pressures. Yes, the gates have been crashed and it is easier than ever to publish your work, but it is harder than ever to get that book into the hands of a reader, let alone the kind of readership that allows you to make a living from your work.

We get it here at Puddingtane. And, for authors that are ready to get serious on the business end but don’t know where to get started, well, you’re the reason Puddingtane was created.

Why do we do it

That’s because Puddingtane was the brainchild of Janel Kane, a Marketing MBA that loves to read and has been working on a few stories of her own. She started to meet other writers and a common theme was always how to reach readers, how to sell books, and how to market themselves.

Marketing strategy for authors isn’t always intuitive, and a lot of authors aren’t particularly business oriented, but the sorts of deep, serious marketing principles that all businesses, everywhere utilize, still apply.

How we can help you

Puddingtane was created to translate all that deeper marketing theory into language authors can understand, and then provide strategies for how authors can take that information and apply it without breaking the bank, or making it a full-time job.

You can expect Puddingtane to deliver:

  • Up-to-the-minute information
  • Action Plans
  • Templates to download and use
  • Webinars and training events
  • Free consultations anytime
  • Complete marketing packages: strategy consulting, WordPress development, campaign implementation, and market analysis

We love to hear from our readers. Send us your questions or let us know if you have an idea for an article that you want to see on our site.

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