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December 14, 2013
Author Gut Check review Worksheet

Author Marketing Reality Check

It’s time for an Author Marketing Gut Check- that kick you in the gut feeling when you get it, you have a break through. As an […]
September 28, 2013

SMART Book Marketing Strategies Every Author Needs to Know

  If you have ever googled the term “Goals” you have probably come across the SMART mnemonic for goal setting. But, just in case you haven’t: […]
September 22, 2013

Ready, Aim, Fire: 23 Tools to Find, Target and Engage your Super Fans

Last week I talked about finding your super fans and gave you a nifty worksheet that I wrote to help you Identify those fantastic loyal readers, but many […]
September 15, 2013
aim for your super readers

How to Identify your Super Readers: 10 easy steps

What is a Super Reader? Super Readers are those fans that are just waiting to love your book. Super readers don’t stop there, though. They seek […]