Not Like Other Book Marketing Companies

When you work with Puddingtane, it quickly becomes clear that we are professionals. From the first formal proposal of work to the final reporting documentation, you know exactly what to expect from us. Our transparent process will set you at ease and we give you ample opportunity to voice your input. We are committed to realizing your vision, and if at any time you are unsatisfied with our work, we work to fix that or find an amicable solution for all. You won’t regret working with Puddingtane.

The Puddingtane Process



We explore your needs and do a detailed situation analysis. We hate walking into a project blind-- so we don't. We do our homework and make sure that what we are delivering to you is exactly what you want and need. Sometimes this starts the minute you first contact us, because let's face it we want to be prepared when come to talk to you.


Once we know your business and what you need to make it successful, we plan our attack. Like I always say: plan the work, work the plan. That's what we do,deliver a detailed budget breakdown, project management plan and risk-benefit analysis. We get to work on anything, we know exactly what the plan is, and so do you.


This is the part you probably think of as "the work" even though that starts for us when we first meet you. When we go to work developing your solutions, we have been preparing for weeks to deliver something incredible for you. We start building that website, launch the book marketing campaign, or deliver that formal document.

Test and Deploy

When the website goes live or your pull out stand banner goes to the printer you want everything to be right. So do we! We test everything and get your approval before we're done. When the situation is right we also train you and deliver documentation and reports of the results. We don't disappear afterwards, either. We stick around because there're always questions.