PR Services & Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaign Implementation

You just want to write, we get it. That’s what makes you an author, not a hobbyist, right? The truth is, though, that if you aren’t marketing and promoting your books, no one will discover them. The fiction market is just too crowded. So marketing is required.
So you promote, but it just takes time you don’t have. At some point you have to balance the marketing that needs to happen with the time you spend doing it, and that’s where it pays to start delegating some of the nuts and bolts of running the marketing yourself.

PR Services Include

  • Book Launch Campaigns

  • Virtual Tours/ Events

  • Press Releases

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • PPC/ Paid advertising placement

  • Copywriting/ Content Development

  • Printing/ Signage

  • Book Trailers

You need distinctive marketing campaigns, well run, to stand out from the crowd, and Puddingtane delivers. We work with you to identify immediate marketing goals and stand out with our proprietary results reporting.