Web Design/ Information Architecture

Author Website Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing world, the font from which all good marketing things will flow. An author website is the cornerstone of your marketing architecture, but, like when you are building anything, your other technological stones all need to work together to hold the entire marketing framework together. The sum total of your internet presence, your websites, combined is your “information architecture”. Puddingtane is your architect and the contractor that can build the system.
Think of your marketing at three levels: you have your author marketing plan– the road map, you have your marketing tactics– the campaigns, blog posts, interviews and the daily campaigning for your book– that’s the long drive, and then you have the website, the social media profiles, the email service providers, the analytics plugins and all the other technological gobbledygook– that’s the truck. And Puddingtane, my pudding-friends, is your truck driving school.

A Puddingtane website promises

  • Mobile responsive

  • WordPress themed content management

  • Facebook integration

  • Twitter integration

  • Personalized URL

  • Ecommerce book store set up

  • Amazon account integration

  • Goodreads account integration

  • Social media automation

  • Email marketing system setup

  • Google analytics and Adwords account setup

  • Easy content Management

  • Third Party Tool setup

  • Real-time measurements capability

  • Affiliate account setup

  • Flexible payment options

Let Puddingtane build out your updated responsive WordPress themed author website while connecting and optimizing all of your social channels and creating a free base package of social media automation. Includes analytics setup, initial site SEO markup and documentation. Complete website makeover packages start at $1,300 with 1 year hosting and URL registration. Ask for details!